Welcome to our website!

It was in 2006 that we created our company Holy Cow Travels.

Having done the regular touristic circuit in the beginning, we felt there was a genuine need for a different kind of traveling experience in India.

We wanted to make the people see and experience another side of India, the side that is not available to the short-term visitor.

So we had the idea to make use of our connections and friends throughout India in order to propose a closer contact with the locals. We feel it is important to get to know the people up close and to have first hand experience of their ways of life and thinking. This is why we want to focus on a smaller area and make the contacts more intense.

We focus mainly on the regions of India that we know and love, for you to be able to meet genuine people in real authenticity.

Being concerned by the current state of our planet and the pollution worldwide, we make an honest effort to minimize our environmental impact.

With our tours we also want to express the importance of ecology and respect for all living beings. So we emphasize on waste management: we don’t use disposable water bottles, we try to imbibe the traditional indian philosophy of not wasting anything: the leftover food goes to the cows and other animals, we don’t use disposable plates and so on. We want to leave a minimum negative impact on the environment, and have a maximum positive contact with the locals.

The Indian people are very open and tolerant by nature, the biggest example of which can be seen in the peaceful way people of many different religions have been living together since time immemorial.

India is a vast country with an ancient cultural, architectural and religious heritage, of which the numerous temples and shrines you will encounter during your stay, bear testimony.

India is truly the example of unity in diversity on every level.